Workspace Assistance for Business Continuity

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, flexible work arrangements have become a critical part of business continuity.

To help businesses ride out this difficult time, BOOQED would like to provide support to companies looking for short-term workspaces so their teams can continue to work safely and productively.

Until May 1st, we will be waiving all fees for workspaces booked through our platform across Asia, with a maximum lease term of 2 months.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions - we also offer free consultation.

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How can we help?

BOOQED can help you find alternate offices if you want to segregate teams for health reasons, secure a workspace for team members as an alternative to working from home, or simply have more flexibility in uncertain market conditions.

Our platform has thousands of listings across Asia.

We have workspace advisors that have expertise in different Asian markets.

Booking fees are waived. No strings attached.

Our all-digital platform can easily match you to the right space for your needs, quickly.

More information

Our CEO and co-founder, David Wong, explains more below.


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Because in times of uncertainty like this, you need one less thing to worry about.